Astoria: Oregon's Enchanting Coastal Treasure

On the northernmost edge of Oregon, where the Columbia River embraces the Pacific, the captivating town of Astoria stands. Its blend of rich history, diverse culture, and stunning beauty attracts global travelers, marking it as a must-visit in the Pacific Northwest.

Central to Astoria's charm is the Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa. Recognized by Destination Oregon as the 'Jewel of Astoria,' this establishment captivates with river views, top-tier service, and luxury that ensures a tranquil stay. But before we dwell more on this serene escape, let's traverse the unique attractions that define Astoria.

The Astoria Riverfront invites you to a picturesque scene of sea lions basking and vocalizing. A stroll or bike ride along the Riverwalk, especially near the East Mooring Basin, guarantees this delightful encounter.

The historic Astoria Column, erected in 1926, captures Northwest history. Overlooking the town, brave souls can climb its 164 steps for a panoramic city view. At its peak, it's a tradition to launch wooden airplanes purchased from the onsite gift shop.

Nature lovers are drawn to the Cathedral Tree Trail. This 3-mile journey threads tranquil forests, concluding at the iconic Astoria Column, marrying nature's beauty with historical charm.

The breathtaking Youngs River Falls, merely an 11-mile drive from town, is worth every mile. Historically significant, it's one of the spots discovered by the explorers Lewis and Clark in 1806.

Art and history converge at the 13th Street Alley with the "Ehkahnam" mural. Crafted by local artist Andie Sterling, this work, named after the Chinookan term for 'story,' chronicles Astoria's heritage.

A culinary expedition in Astoria isn't complete without tasting Josephson's Smokehouse's offerings. This three-generational family business is famed for its exquisite lox, perfect for savoring or gifting.

Concluding an Astoria adventure is best with a stay at Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa. Its prime location provides not only unparalleled views but proximity to Astoria's attractions. So, when charting your next retreat, let Astoria shine on your list and let Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa be your haven.