Hall of History at Cannery Pier Hotel

Located at the mouth of the 1,200 mile-long Columbia River, Astoria is the oldest settlement in the West. The town was formerly the salmon and tuna canneries capital of the world. Astoria's rich history contributed and shaped the authentic look and feel of this town with less than 10,000 people. Astoria has survived a devastating fire and economic uncertainties, but throughout its many transformations, Astoria retains an extraordinary authenticity of its history with so much soul.

Guests at the Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa can enjoy an expanded Hall of History curated by The Clatsop County Historical Society with stories and historical photos honoring Astoria's Scandinavian culture and the town's famous legacy as the "Salmon Fishing Capital of the World" on the Columbia River's.

Step into the Past with the Hall of History

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The Visionaries

Robert “Jake” Jacob, an Astoria native, had a vision of building Astoria's first luxury boutique hotel on top of a condemned dock and former cannery. Many thought he was a dreamer due to the complexity of building a hotel with old pier pilings as the foundation. Undeterred Jake worked to develop a hotel that recreates the feeling of the canneries of yesteryear with smokestacks, exposed steel beams, and wooden trusses. The rooflines and placement of the windows are like those of the old canneries. The siding and roof materials are authentic to the period. The hotel welcomed its first guests in August 2005. Jake died in 2019, but his dream lives on.

Rick Takach's Vision

Richard “Rick” Takach, Jr. founded Vesta Hospitality in 1996 with the mission of creating hotels that offer the finest quality and service. Rick and his investment partners acquired Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa in 2019 with the vision of preserving the uniqueness of the hotel and raising its luxury profile on the Oregon Coast. Rick's ideas and creativity sparked a new life for the hotel making it a beacon for warm hospitality and luxury. His goal is to retain the hotel's history and its connection to the community while reinventing touchpoints that will surprise and delight guests. Rick's commitment and love for the hotel ensure Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa elite status as Astoria's iconic jewel on the Columbia River.