Best Winter Getaway in Astoria: Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa

Astoria, Oregon, is a picturesque coastal town at the Columbia River's mouth, renowned for its scenic landscapes, historical downtown, and a plethora of outdoor activities. The Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa, located in Astoria, becomes a unique and unforgettable destination during the winter.

The hotel provides cozy, comfortable accommodations with various rooms and suites. Guests can unwind by the fireplace in their rooms or take in the breathtaking river views from their balconies. After exploring the town, visitors can enjoy relaxing spa treatments, including massages, facials, and body wraps, at the hotel's spa.

Dining at the hotel is an experience in itself, with Bar 600 serving delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Relax with one Bar 600's classic cocktails while taking in the beautiful river views.

Astoria offers a variety of winter activities, from hiking in forests to exploring the historic downtown and visiting museums and art galleries. The Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa, with its array of amenities and activities, is an ideal retreat from daily life's hustle and bustle.

Additional reasons to stay at the hotel include its peaceful location, attentive and friendly staff, and various packages and specials. Book your stay at the Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa to experience the best of Astoria's winter charm.